The manager oversees everyone involved in your professional career. The manager develops your career, protects you from scams, and gives you peace of mind.

Regardless of what stage of career development you are in, we offer the following to our authors. Obviously, some of these services are not needed until the author is well known. In previous years, as there were no publishing managers except at the celebrity level, the author dealt directly with the publisher or the literary agency. At that time it worked well. But the industry has changed so much, with so many closed doors to the major publishing houses, that the key to getting in those doors these days is with connections. As your manager, the Author’s Workshop has these connections and will professionally represent you, placing you in a much stronger position.

You no longer have to write query letters to try to sell your idea, send out unsolicited manuscripts, or experience rejection. It is our job as your manager to take care of you and handle all the details. You will have professional, recognized representation. You will hand people your business card with our management company’s name and phone number on it. That in itself makes you look far more professional. Winners like to deal with other winners. Other professionals in the industry take note when a manager calls. This alone will separate you from the masses. Publishers will know that you are serious, professional, and have your act together. If anyone wants anything from you, you’ll be able to say, “Just call my manager.”
The never-ending tasks of the author’s manager are not all carried out directly by the manager, but rather by a team of industry professionals. The Author’s Workshop calls this array of professionals the Petersen Family of Publishing Professionals. This is a team, and at the center of the team is Dane Petersen.

Every member of the team is experienced, and many are well-known industry professionals who have spent years helping others. Petersen directs these professionals on behalf of the author. The author has the last say in his or her career. The author approves all decisions by the manager. The author and the manager are an integral team of hard work, creativity, action, and friendship.


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