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I would like to emphatically state that if we mutually agree for me to mentor you, it will take a lot of work on your part, and mine as well. This is much the same process as going back to school to get a new degree. There will be much study, much activity, and many rewards. Each day you will feel better about yourself, and soon realize that you are developing skills that you never knew existed. You are filling up your toolbox with new tools that you will use for the rest of your life. You will most likely head in a direction that you did not know existed. You may have envisioned yourself as signing books and being on radio, but it may turn out that you become a seminar speaker making far more money on your lectures than on your book. There are endless possibilities that we will explore.

The first step will not be for me to know about your book. The first step is for me to know you, the person. If I know you, I can help you on your path. Your book is the expression of your mind, your heart, and your soul. It is the reflection of who you are. This process will reveal whether you have written from your core, from love, from truth, or if your book is just an expression of your ego. However, the result will be that you will know yourself better than you ever have before. To be a great artist of any kind, one must leave one’s ego at the door. This will be a freeing life change for you, a paradigm shift.
We must work as a team. You will be given assignments that are crucial to your development. Although I am paid well for mentoring, this is not about money. No amount of money will ever persuade me to whitewash the truth, even if it means the student will dislike me for being truthful about those things that I feel are in the student’s best interest.

This is what a mentor, a life development coach, does. The student’s well-being comes first.

Few authors will be accepted into the Mentoring Program at The Author’s Workshop. It is for that reason that we offer other, less intensive programs for others. Not all authors have the same needs or the same capabilities. Having a mentor does not mean that the student—in this case, also the client—dictates the path. Quite to the contrary, it is the mentor that guides the student. The process is one of first understanding the author, not just their book. The book is secondary.

You may have a vision that is good and true. If so, we will develop it together. However, if your vision is skewed, we will firmly state that you are in error. The goal is not to please you with platitudes, but rather to be your best friend. There is no friendship without blatant truth. Truth is everything. A friend does not let a friend drive home drunk. An honest and ethical mentor does not let his pupil stray too far. There will be moments of difficulty. The mentor must be honest with the student, even if it is not what the student expected. We must all learn to fly. There is no healing without pain. It is a process of seeing within, learning new skills, and seeing life in a new and exciting way. This is what my relationship with you will be about. It is all about you. And your book is your reflection. Your book IS YOU.


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