Illustration by the renowned artist, Rolland Dingman,
1985 Depiction of Celebrity Manager, Dane Cornel Petersen
Everyone knows what the word “manager” means when it is related to movie stars and famous entertainers.

For example, by far the most significant reason for the fabulous success of the most famous band in history, the Beatles, was the genius of their manager, Brian Epstein. The Beatles were a band playing in a small pub in Liverpool, England, before they were discovered. Brian Epstein took a liking to them, and the rest is history.

Only a few artists have a professional management team when they first get started. It is usually for this reason that they don’t succeed. Imagine trying to build a house if you have a vision for the house but know nothing about building. You, the author, have a vision for your book, but without a team of publishing professionals to assist you, your vision may never get off the ground.

Generally speaking, only the bestselling authors know what an author’s manager is and does. They know because they have managers. All celebrities have a manager and a management team. But until now, there have never been author’s managers for any but the most famous and successful authors.

Recently it dawned on Petersen that for the past several years, authors have been calling him with the same needs as his music industry clients. He recognized that for decades, in the movie and music industries, all celebrities have needed and had managers; but this has not been so in book publishing.

Petersen realized that most authors not only don’t have managers, but don’t even know what a manager’s role would be. There have never been managers in the publishing industry. . . until now!

Clearly it was time for Petersen to combine his years and skills of working with both celebrities and authors, and offer authors the same advantages as the celebrities by managing their careers in the same way, using the same successful methods.

For this reason, the Author’s Workshop was born—the first publishing industry organization to combine the methods used in both the publishing industry and the entertainment industry. The days are over when publishing was straightforward, when an author could simply mail a manuscript to a publisher, and the publisher would read it. It became a little more convoluted when publishers stopped receiving unsolicited manuscripts and authors had to go through a literary agent. Then the vanity presses entered the picture, the literary agents became more difficult to reach, and authors started self-publishing.

And today, it’s a tangled web of traditional publishing mixed with desperate approaches, cons, on-demand printing, and the rest of the publishing jungle. Not to mention that authors are now expected to do a great deal of their own marketing.

Few can take on this jungle by themselves. Successfully launching a book, not to mention marketing it, developing a career, and keeping it all together, is a mind-boggling challenge even for the hardiest of the brave. For this reason, Petersen started the management and mentoring team, the Author’s Workshop.

The Author’s Workshop is the first to offer this kind of management to all levels of authors. Now, both the novice author and the known author can have a team to take care of all of their career development needs.


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