I Remember Mama
“Write what you know, write what you feel, write who you are.”

Your understanding of this concept and your willingness to be guided by great mentors who have come before you will open up the doors for you to become a great writer too.

I Remember Mama is one of the greatest film classics—a story about a young girl who finds good fortune through the guidance of a mentor, a fellow author who shows her the road to writing greatness.

The young author learns that the most valuable secret to becoming a great writer is to “Write from your heart.” She discovers the story she is seeking is within herself, her life, what she knows, feels, and lives.

Submitting your manuscript is just the first step on the exciting path to greatness. Being handed the torch by the best of the best, those who understand the world of publishing, is the opportunity that may very well lead you to a major publishing deal and public recognition for you and your work. Embrace this.

How to Submit Your Manuscript for Professional Review
One of the most important steps in attaining a major publishing deal

Here is your opportunity to take the steps towards greatness. It is one of the early stepping stones in the process needed to become a successful author. Now is the time to share with us your vision, your story, and your life. We want to listen to your ideas about what you desire to accomplish when you are a successfully published author. Now is the time to submit your ideas for your book, your partially or fully completed manuscript, or your ideas that you feel are informative and valuable to readers.

If your book concept is great, we are interested in helping you attain your goals.

Do You Have These Attributes That Make Writers Great?
If so, we’re interested in hearing from you.

The Author’s Workshop specializes in mentoring and coaching those authors who have both a great story and/or message to share, and excellent writing skills and ability. Additionally, our authors have a zest for life and an unquenchable thirst to succeed. They are enthusiastic, self-motivated achievers.

Our policy is to climb lofty mountains together and have fun in the process. Any of our authors who have these attributes can get to the top of the mountain and be successful. Our authors provide talent and enthusiasm; we do the rest, working hand in hand with them.

It takes a successful team to launch a great book. There are no shortcuts. We are your career development and management team, your personal coaching staff of publishing industry experts. The best of the best will be working with you so that the world can see what you desire to present.

Because we are experienced in the publishing and celebrity world, The Author’s Workshop recognizes that each author, each client, is unique. It is our job to help fulfill what you seek to accomplish.

It is you, the author, and your capability that we look at, not the present progress of your manuscript. You may have an idea, a work in progress, a concept, or a manuscript nearing completion. You may simply need help to get your book to market: you may have nonfiction material that is being requested by your industry, and you simply want us to translate those ideas into book form.

Or you may be working on or have completed your manuscript and realize that you need help to get it into the hands of publishing industry professionals, so that it can be reviewed and, ideally, accepted by one of the major publishing houses.

The Author’s Workshop is your management team. We make the connections for you that you can’t make yourself. Additionally, we put together all the elements needed for success, and all the introductions to those in the publishing industry who can award you a great publishing deal.

We do not work with any vanity presses or vanity agencies. Our goal is to make it possible for our authors to be introduced to only major publishing industry professionals and, of course, major publishers. In certain cases, for more target-marketed books, an author may be best positioned for success with a specialized or boutique publisher. No one can guarantee that a major publishing company will offer you a publishing deal, but the more you participate, the greater your chances. If our team actively pursues as many avenues and options as possible on your behalf, we stand a much better chance of positioning you for a publishing contract negotiation and hopefully a very good publishing deal. But it takes dynamic teamwork. You, as the author and creator of your work, are always in control and always have the last say. You retain your creative license; we guide you and help you to attain your goals.

The Four Key Attributes for Success
Our client’s backgrounds and/or manuscripts fall into the following categories. We look for authors who have one or more of these attributes to offer:

  • A profound experience or story to share
  • A unique take on a particular subject that the author is well versed in and that will appeal to a large audience
  • “Celebrity” status in any area. In other words, you stand out as a celebrated authority and are recognized as being at the top of your field. You don’t have to be a celebrity in show business or sports, a known TV personality, etc. A celebrity can be a renowned poet, banker, attorney, professor, astronaut, writer, scientist, surgeon, inventor, or a member of any other profession.
  • Additionally, a celebrity can be any person who has achieved something others have not—for example, the fastest runner, the first to climb a certain mountain, the oldest person to bear a child, or any other newsworthy feat. If people are interested in the author’s story, the book has a chance of being well received.
  • The ability to write clear and engaging prose. (In the case of nonfiction material, where the author is not a writer, but rather an expert in a particular subject, we look for authors who have the ability to accurately relay their information to our staff writers and translators, who will ghost-write the book.)
If you have one or more of these attributes, we would like to have our staff professionally review and evaluate your manuscript.

Your Manuscript Submission Instructions

Our book editors who evaluate manuscripts are among the best. Both their time and yours are priceless. Reading a manuscript is time-consuming and costly. We simply do not have the time and resources to read thousands of books submitted by all the authors who want to be published.

Because of this, so that we can serve each and every author in the best way possible, and to assure us that we are only working with the authors who have the most potential, it is important for you to follow these easy steps. It is vital for us to first get an idea of the quality and content of your book, and additionally to know more about you both professionally and personally. After all, if we become your mentor, it is a long-term business and personal relationship. We take our relationships seriously, and it is our desire that each and every author we serve become part of our family of writers. Once you have a successful book, the door is permanently open to you for many more success stories.

The Steps

Step 1: Read all the pages of The Author’s Workshop website. The information will help you understand the submission process and how it may lead to your success. These materials are your guide to success and should not be skimmed over. The pages of this website contain valuable publishing information never before shared with authors. This guide and the newsletter will be a tremendous boost to your career.

Step 2: Watch the videos. They are both fun and informative. More than 100 additional publishing training videos will be provided to you in upcoming newsletters.

Step 3: Call The Author’s Workshop’s toll-free number, 888-777-0280, and listen to the recorded overview. The overview will provide you with yet another look at how we will work with you in the development of your career.

Step 4: Completely fill out the Manuscript Submission Form. It’s that easy. Our staff will read all of your comments. We will then contact you to go over our findings and to get to know you a little better. If your book seems like it has potential, based on what you have indicated in the submission form, we will discuss all your options. If it looks like we have a potential relationship, we will ask you to submit your manuscript for our in-depth review process.

Material list:

A: Your book synopsis. In a few paragraphs or less, fill in the box marked Your Book Synopsis. Please keep your synopsis concise. If you do not have a synopsis, provide a clear outline of your ideas. Why a synopsis? A book synopsis is a brief yet concise look at your book. It allows us to see if your ideas are the kind of ideas that readers are interested in, and it gives us insight into your writing ability.

B: Your professional background. Fill in the box marked Your Professional Background. Please keep it brief and concise. We are simply looking for your professional history. Take the most important points from your resume or vitae and type those into the box. We are looking for a simple overview, not an application for a job. The most important elements will be your career background, any educational highlights, professional recognition and awards, degrees, etc.

Why these materials? Often a writer’s book is related to his or her professional background. For example, your book may be about a new way to produce electricity. It would be of interest to our staff to know that you were a graduate of MIT with a Ph.D. in physics, or have spent the past 20 years as an electrical engineer for a major utility company. Or, maybe you were a quarterback with the 49ers but your book is about fly fishing in Montana. Knowing that we have specialized public relations information about you as a major football player provides us with an additional avenue to obtain valuable media coverage and generate newsworthy press releases on your behalf. We look at every detail and all the different ways that can help you to be successful.

If you are retired, we accept your previous professional materials.

C: Your personal biography
Fill in the box marked Your Personal Background.
Your personal biography is different from your professional background. A biography is always provided by celebrities for the press and media. We want to know you on a personal basis as well. Your book may have a connection to your personal life instead of your professional life. Or it may be connected to both.

For example, you may be an avid gardener and have written a book on gardening, or a hiker who has written a book on the great walking paths of Scotland. Or maybe you are a photographer or an oil painter with a great collection of images just ready to be made into a beautiful coffee table hardbound book.

Your personal biography also tells about your zest for life, your hobbies, your family, travel experiences, lifestyle, and so much more. Who knows, we may just have some things in common and lots to share and talk about. Either a simple letter about you or a professionally written personal biography will be accepted. This will give you an added advantage, as the more we know about your background, the better we can evaluate your book or idea. The more we know about you and your book, the more we can help you. Make it concise. It is simply a snapshot of who you are in your personal life.

Step 5: Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions. Each answer has a particular meaning for various staff members and is extremely important. Complete answers will further help you as an author to spark the attention of one or more of our team members at The Author’s Workshop. Just one special note or fact might be the ticket that gets everyone excited.

Be sure to answer all questions. The manuscript submission cannot be completed if any questions are not answered.

Your Name:



Address:(FedEx or UPS doesn't deliver to any P.O. Box)
Street Name and Number:




Area Code + Phone Number:

E-mail Address:

Do you have a web site?

If yes, what is your web site address?

Your Book Synopsis

Your Professional Background

Your Personal Biography

Do you have a book finished or nearly finished?

If other, please explain below.

Does your book have a tentative title?

If so, please list:

Is your book:

Briefly describe your book’s nonfiction subject category (science, health, relationships, politics, etc.)
or fiction genre (romance, thriller, mystery, literary, etc.)

What is your book's primary audience?

Approximately how many words does your book contain?
Word count

Or number of double-spaced typed pages

Do you see your book as suitable for:
Mass audience
Limited to specialized audience
Limited to family, friends, associates

If you have considered the number of copies to be printed for your first edition, what figure do you have in mind?
100 or fewer
2,000 to 5,000
5,000 or more (Books distributed in large quantities and intended to appeal to the widest range of consumers)

Have you been published before?

If yes, please explain:

Briefly explain the various reasons why you feel your book will be well received.

Do you intend to distribute and market your book without the assistance of a major publisher?

Are you more interested in services such as editing, typesetting, manufacturing, printing, etc.?

Are you interested in our coaching, mentoring, and the Author’s Career Management Program?

Please briefly explain your answer.

Which of the following would you enjoy doing? You may select more than one.
Book signings
TV guest appearances
Radio interviews
Print media interviews
Paid professional seminar speaking or lecturing
Travel to Canada and throughout the United States

What other countries would you be willing to travel to?

What locations outside of the United States have you visited?

What are your favorite places you have visited?

Have you taken cruises?

If so, which lines and to what destinations?

If you become a successful author, would you be willing to participate in a cruise line workshop and share
your story with others?


What are your favorite hobbies and pastimes?

What are the three most important things in the world to you?

Any other comments you wish to share or questions you wish to ask:

The Author’s Workshop will respond directly to you regarding your manuscript submission and provide you with valuable
feedback about your potential career and our findings.

Type in the verification code:

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