Certainly one of the most famous TV personalities in the world, Oprah Winfrey, named one of her shows after one of our authors’ books, Wishes in Black & White. It was Martin Luther King Day, and Oprah thought that book title would be the perfect name for that day’s show.

Among Petersen’s coaching methods and success tools is the continual utilization of public relations, media, and marketing campaigns. Exposure is a key ingredient to success.

Many ask how we were able to get one of our books showcased on the Oprah Show. Truckloads of books are delivered to the Oprah Show for consideration each day. That’s thousands of books a month. A huge percentage of authors would do just about anything to be on her show, or Larry King, and the other major network TV and radio programs. Often, one guest appearance for a new author is instant success, their dream come true.

But the truth of the matter is, most books sent to major shows and print reviewers such as the New York Times are never read or even acknowledged. They are generally shredded and recycled. There are just too many of them. Only books submitted by known industry experts with serious connections are considered.

So how was our author’s book presented to the most exclusive show in the world? The answer is simple. Connections. The publisher we led our author to had the highest level executive’s direct phone number, a number not offered to or obtainable by outsiders. The book was presented, shipped overnight directly to the executive waiting to see it, and the agreement to showcase the book was signed, sealed, and delivered.

The bottom line: Vast experience and intimate knowledge of the industry are the keys to success. There are no shortcuts and no magic pills. Our more than 30 years of working with major celebrities, authors, and the media give us a tremendous edge that our authors need for success. As mentors, we direct our authors every step of the way.


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