Creativity is the mother of artistry, the father of

great works, and the soul of the author

Barbra Streisand
“If you want to be successfully
published, it helps to be a
celebrity.”2010 Next Generation
Indie Book Awards, Book Expo
America (“BEA”) in New York

Why is Ms. Streisand’s statement so important, and what exactly does it mean to you? It’s simple. As she stated, it’s helpful to be a celebrity. The problem with inexperienced and unsuccessful authors is that they don’t understand what the true meaning of celebrity is. Simply put, a celebrity is a famous, renowned, or well-known person.

With years of experience in coaching and celebrity career development as a celebrity manager, author and celebrity agent and producer, Dane Cornel Petersen knows how to build a writer’s career and show them how to become a celebrity. He won’t make you, the author, anything that you are not already. Rather, through an in-depth process of working with you day to day, Petersen will discover the diamond within you and develop it.

For example, the president of the United States, a major league baseball player, a great heart surgeon, the first kid to fly across the Pacific Ocean, the inventor of the light bulb, the fastest runner, the first to climb a given mountain, and even the one who caught the biggest fish are all celebrities. As your mentor, Petersen will pull the celebrity qualities out of you and develop them to the point that you can express your gift on TV, radio, interviews, seminar speaking engagements, and all the other things that celebrities do.

At the Author’s Workshop, our team directs our authors onto the right and high road, and at the same time we keep them out of trouble by exposing charlatans who are trying to prey on them. We show our clients how to fulfill their wants, needs, desires, and dreams. The road to success is simple if you love what you do and have the knowledge of how to achieve your goals. Authors have the love of writing. We have the love of what we do for them and the knowledge to make it happen. We have the background, the endorsements, and the clients that evidence this 30-year success story of helping and working with the very best.

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