Harry Potter - J.K. Rowling Personal Life Interview
Harry Potter
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We clearly understand public relations, booking network TV and radio guest appearances, and setting up interviews with major magazines and publications. We can negotiate literary agency, publishing, and endorsement contracts, plus worldwide distribution, book manufacturing, and every other step necessary for artist development at the highest levels. It is with these time-tested, successful methods that Petersen is able to help authors achieve their dreams.


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The Coach-the Mentor-and You
The Author’s Manager
What the Author’s Manager Does for You
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Components of the Management Team
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Love What You Do and the Road to Success Is Yours
Which Author’s Showcase Is Best for Your Book?
The Time-Tested Publishing Method For Successful Authors
The Goal and the Path
What to Do Next
Connecting the Author to the Publishing Industry
Our Philosophy—Our Company
Author’s Cry for Help
Author Beware! The Latest Publishing Scam
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