What Literary Agents Want
If you are like most authors, launching your book and, of course, marketing and sales are things you need help with. It is difficult enough to write a great book, but to market and sell books takes a lifetime of publishing knowledge. It is our 30 years of publishing experience that have provided our clients the opportunity to be successful. There are simply no shortcuts to success.

Personal connections in this very specialized writers’ world we call publishing are necessary. No author can get in the door without being connected to the industry. Dane Petersen, founder of the Author’s Workshop, is endorsed in the "Top 100 Best Publishing Manufacturing Experts" list. There are no other companies that combine author/celebrity management and mentoring. The Author’s Workshop is one of a kind.

Authors typically need help with distribution, fulfillment, selling screenplays to the movie industry, TV and radio appearances, and all other media.

Additionally, we have a full staff of the very best designers, editors, illustrators, and marketing experts in the publishing business.

We edit manuscripts in major languages and sell foreign rights to other publishers in many countries. Our books are often translated into many languages.

Every book is unique and requires completely different methods for success. Every author is special too, and has been blessed with just the right path to walk on. However, authors need guidance to point them in the right direction. All of these methods are shared with each author. The goal is to release your book and achieve maximum sales potential. To do so takes great reviews in all kinds of publications and media outlets such as radio and TV.

Additionally, we develop a comprehensive marketing plan and share that plan with you, listing the many other target-marketing avenues for additional sales. It takes a variety of approaches for the release of every new book. With these different approaches, your book can be successful.


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