(Some of these items are not required by the novice or traditionally published author.)

Senior manuscript consultants
Senior editors
Book evaluators
Marketing researchers
Writing coaches
Script writers
Pitch persons for movie deals
Book and product sales organizations
Senior design managers
Cover designers
Text designers

Book, CD, DVD, collateral materials, and point-of-purchase display manufacturers
Packing designers
Cartoonists, illustrators, product photographers, and other artists
Foreign rights publishing contract negotiators
Publishing contract negotiators
Publishing industry attorneys
Retail book marketing analysts
Public relations firms
Literary agencies
Library system representatives
Grant writers
Book and product distributors
Pick-and-pack facilities
National and international shipping companies
US and foreign customs brokers
Book translators for foreign sales
Inbound telemarketing 24/7 book and product orders
Seminar speakers and lecture bureaus
National and international promoters
Travel agencies
Set designers
Ticket box office agencies
Box office managers
Stage managers
Security companies
Ad agencies
Booking agents for TV, radio, and live shows
Endorsement and corporate sponsorship agencies
Web developers
Social networking developers
Accounting staff
CPA firms to track all sales, costs, and royalties
Book publishing sales tracking firms
Personal managers for travel and special accommodations
Scriptwriters for speeches, talks, radio, and TV
Video and post-production team for YouTube, author documentaries, author’s website, and other filming needs
Producers, directors
Production studios and live sound recording for audio CDs
Voice-over readers for authors’ audiobooks
Electronic media experts to convert author books to electronic platforms such as the iPad, Kindle, etc.
Manufacturing contract analysts and negotiators
Writer, producer, and director for authors' podcast and podcast radio submissions
Technical sound advisor for radio, TV, live appearances, and other recordings
Recording studio
Catering companies for events, lectures, book signings, parties, etc.
Blog, newsletter, and website writer
Road manager
Personal photographer


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