Dane Cornel Petersen is internationally known in the publishing, manufacturing, printing, multimedia, and entertainment industries. For the past 35 years, he has helped hundreds of companies produce and market their products and services and has helped internationally known entertainers launch and maintain their careers.

As president and founder of the Author’s Workshop and the Petersen Publishing Group, Petersen oversees all projects. He is known as a master organizer, creative planner, industry consultant, artist’s manager, and producer. In the past three decades, he has put together a dream team of international manufacturers, fulfillment facilities, publishing and marketing groups, call centers, radio, TV, and print-media wizards, and a world-class production staff, including film, broadcast, and audio-recording gurus.

Petersen's success in the highly competitive, ever-changing manufacturing, printing, publishing, multimedia, and entertainment industries can be attributed to his flair for marketing and manufacturing, high energy, hard work, and zeal for life. One of Petersen's favorite words is juice, an entertainment industry expression meaning creative energy or chutzpah, of which Petersen has a great deal. Petersen is one of those rare individuals who naturally think outside the box.

It is no surprise that Petersen's clients, strategic partners, associates, and vendors include both Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies, Grammy Award winners, major promoters, and even the great motion picture and recording industry manufacturing facilities.

Petersen can launch a project in as little as a few weeks, using the same resources that might be used by any of the Fortune 100 companies, major ad agencies, movie and record industries, or any other company.

The difference is that Petersen will produce it faster, more efficiently, and more cost-effectively with better quality control, using Zero Error Tolerance as the standard.

Over 30 years ago, Petersen ran the largest graphic house imaging division in Palo Alto, California. In 1989, he founded Double Eagle Industries, which now includes the Petersen Publishing Group Family of Publishing Professionals. Recently Petersen launched his book publishing industry pride and joy, The Author’s Workshop. The Author’s Workshop is made up of manufacturing and industry service teams, plus topnotch publishing industry experts such as copywriters, editors, designers, public relations staff, distributors, marketing staff, and more.

Additionally, Petersen is an associate with other publishing companies, working as a team to produce and publish books for his author clients. Petersen and his publishing team enjoy developing a relationship with authors as they help to publish their books. The Author’s Workshop has placed authors and celebrities on radio and TV, including The Oprah Show. The Author’s Workshop is known for producing some of the world's most beautiful hardbound and softcover books, in addition to movie industry and record industry products and services, and celebrity industry representation.

To date, Petersen and his companies have enjoyed managing over 1,500 book titles, 30 Grammy Award winners, authors, celebrities, and book projects for major corporations. His media involvement spans every major network of TV and radio as well as print media. He is endorsed by American Broadcasting Company (ABC), Disney Studios, Roche Pharmaceutical, Dow Chemical, Electronic Arts (EA), and hundreds of other individual authors, publishers, and corporations.


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