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The Author’s Workshop will be your personal mentor, coach, and guiding light. In the celebrity industry known as the Biz, we fill the role of artist manager. Simply put, we will develop your career from even small beginnings to success. If you are already a world-renowned celebrity, we will take you to even loftier and more profitable places in your career.

All authors want their books read, but not by just a few. Many want their message embraced and loved by large audiences throughout the world. They often know their book would be perfect as a screenplay or made into a movie. They desire to have a real publishing deal with a major publisher like Simon and Schuster, HarperCollins, Random House, etc., not one of the many vanity press scams that call themselves publishers, only to take money from the author with no valid return. Real publishers would never ask for a penny.

The exception to this rule is when the author enters into a legitimate partnership with the publisher, in which both are participating in the marketing. This method is popular with some seminar speakers, because their royalties are much higher since they are in the trenches selling their own books. This is a costly approach with more risk, but a higher return. Some of our authors are pointed in this direction. Many have enjoyed multiple reprints, and have been in print for many years.

Authors want a top-notch literary agent who has connections, not a vanity agent needing an up-front fee before any books are sold. The authors know they need to have their book sold and distributed worldwide, but do not know how to go about it or even how to get started. They sense that anyone who asks for up-front money is a crook, and they are exhausted by those spewing false hope, form letters full of impossible promises, fancy brochures, and pay-to-publish schemes. They fear that once their manuscript is in the hands of the con artists, they might not only lose their money, but even worse, the rights to their book and the years spent writing it.

One of the most important things we offer the author is protection against crooks. We watch over our clients like a mother bear. We look at every offer, every contract, and negotiate with wisdom and fervor. We tread softly, but carry a big stick. Every year dozens of authors come to us, some practically in tears or worse, asking how we can help them get back their money and their book. Frankly speaking, preventive measures are far better than damage control after it’s too late to recover.


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