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You are a serious author, and you know that a major publishing house will sign you. You just don’t know how to get in the door to present your manuscript. The following pages will change your life forever. This quick read, packed with exclusive publishing industry insider information, will finally set you on the path to obtaining your dream, a major publishing deal, and becoming a celebrated author. Written in book and chapter form, this site is your complete guide to taking the first necessary steps to success. Taking the time to read these materials will greatly reward you.

Are you a successfully published author positioned to sign another major book deal, or are you just starting your first book? From polishing your first draft to marketing your finished book to building your multi-book career, The Author’s Workshop will guide you through the confusing and perilous world of publishing until you attain the success you’ve dreamed of.

Let’s face it, traditional publishing has become like the Holy Grail—many seek it, but few find it. Self-publishing increasingly makes sense for many authors, but with so many sharks in the waters waiting to feed on naïve authors, navigating those treacherous waters safely can be even more difficult than finding a traditional publisher.

Those who have published with a major publisher often find their work is far from over when they turn in their final manuscript. In fact, it’s just beginning. Authors today have to become publicity and marketing specialists if they want their books to succeed.

Whether you’re publishing traditionally or self-publishing, what you need is someone who knows the business thoroughly and has your interest—and only your interest—at heart. You need a mentor, a manager, a coach, who will be in your corner and protect you from all who want to profit at your expense. Someone who will help you ensure that your book is the best it can be, and that it will receive all the attention it deserves in today’s crowded marketplace. Someone who knows you and your book inside out and can guide you to the most appropriate venues and strategies to ensure your personal success.
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Some Things Are Obvious

The Author’s Workshop helps you discover which author’s showcase and guest appearances are the best for your career.

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